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Welcome to babyfingerfoods.com

A website designed by a Mum for Mums (and Dads). 

I desperately wanted to try Finger Foods and Baby Led Weaning with my little girl, but wasn’t sure where to start. I searched and trawled the web for practical and simple advice, ideas and tips, but couldn’t find one website with all of the information in one place. This is where babyfingerfoods.com was born, I needed help, so assumed other people would too.

 I have pulled together finger food ideas, tried and tested recipes from Mums (and Dads), information from the NHS and added top weaning tips in a bid to help those embarking on the weaning wagon. I hope you find this website informative and useful in your weaning journey.

Please remember to add your own recipes and tips for other parents to enjoy!

Becky x

P.S Don’t forget to upload pictures of your little one munching away! There’s nothing we like more than to see Baby Led Weaning in action!